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XYZ Homework provides you with the tools you need and deserve to help your students succeed in math.

Unified learning experience

Unify your students’ learning experience

As you progress through your textbook, the online homework and video lessons reinforce the concepts taught in the classroom. Randomized questions provide unlimited practice and instant feedback with all the benefits of automatic grading.

Pre-built questions, assessments, and courses

Start with ready-to-use assignments

XYZ Homework offers over 4500 randomized developmental math exercises. These problems correlate section by section to the books published by XYZ Textbooks, authored by best-selling author, Charles P. McKeague. From these questions, ready to use assignments have been created to get you started in only a few clicks.

Automatic grading system makes feedback faster and easier

Allow the gradebook to do the work for you

Our automated grading system combined with the gradebook allows a highly flexible and easy-to-use solution for instructors. The XYZ Homework gradebook allows students to track their grades at their convenience. Grading homework and calculating weighted averages, XYZ Homework can do it all quickly and easily.

Communicate with your students

Communicate with your students in a flash

With an easy-to-use email system and discussion forum that allow for proper mathematic notation, XYZ Homework makes communicating with your students outside of class even easier. You can easily send mass messages to all of your students or more personal messages to particular individuals. Also save time and resources by posting your handouts and worksheets online for your students. The course calendar allows you or your students to see all upcoming assignments and tests.

Collaborate with other instructors

Collaborate with other faculty

XYZ Homework makes it easy to share homework assignments, sets of questions, or even entire courses with faculty colleagues.

Easy online tools accessible at all times

Experience the convenience of being in our hands

With XYZ Homework, there's no software to install, servers to manage, or databases to maintain. It is completely self-sufficient, providing an online system with real-time functionality that is available around the clock to both instructors and students.